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At the beginning of the Gables Treatment Center history, the Nautilus was chosen as the Gables' logo. Just as the Nautilus forms its shell one chamber at a time as it grows and matures, the shell represents safe housing for a woman as she moves through the stages of her recovery. The beautiful story below, written by a Gables alumnus, illustrates what the Nautilus symbolizes to a recovering woman.

The Nautilus is a sea creature that has lived in warm salt water seas for about 400 million years.

The Nautilus is, and has been for thousands of years, prized for its beauty. The many chambered shell of the Nautilus protects the soft tissue of the animal.

Soft tissue found protection in its shell just as the women of the Gables find protection and support in the fellowship of the 12 step recovery programs. The Nautiluses move in groups across the floor of its warm salt water world and finds serenity and safety in numbers. They reach out with their 90 tentacles for support just as the women of the Gables find support for continued growth through attending 90 different 12 step meetings in 90 days.

We women of the Gables grow slowly more beautiful in recovery as we seek to retrieve and bring to light of day the beauty that had been hidden away hidden in our many secret chambers by years of addiction as we became separated and isolated from one another.

As we learn to trust, we free our feelings, our loving thoughts and our spirits. Just as the Nautilus propels itself forward by an expulsion of old water and an intake of new water, we women of the Gables, by embracing an honest program of recovery are propelled, to new heights and dimensions we never dreamed of. Sober and free, we begin to experience the promises of a new life and the joys in every new day.