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The Gables provides a quality environment of health care and healing which is a tradition in the city of Rochester. We recognize alcoholism /addiction as a disease. We incorporate both traditional treatment methods with current evidence based approaches. We recognize chemical dependency/addiction as a whole-person illness and a family illness. We recognize the dependent/addicted resident as a woman of dignity and worth whom we accept in a spirit of genuineness and positive regard.

The concept of chemical dependency/addiction as a whole-person illness requires that a recovery program provides healing in all areas of the afflicted person: physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. We offer our program resources to provide holistic care; care that addresses continuing physical recovery while it also supports healing for many psychological wounds inflicted by the disease.

The concept of chemical dependency/addiction as a family illness requires that the relationships involving significant others be addressed. Growth toward wholeness is achieved only through a willingness to risk the adventure of healing. We offer a nurturing environment for the journey; one where the woman is safe to seek more depth and to explore her individual potential; to allow herself permission to feel worthy of living and sharing life with others as well as being productive.

We are dedicated to women and their pursuit of recovery. We provide assistance every step of the way. We are committed to the concept that each woman is unique and requires specialized individual levels of care.

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